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    Despite regular cardio exercise and eating healthy, I can’t seem to lose weight?

    It sounds like you are losing weight and your body is changing. Here are some tips that might help: Consider working with a certified...

    Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen, RD
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    Does the body actually need 64oz of water per day, or do other fluids count towards this total as well?

    In 2004, the Institute of Medicine made a general recommendation of 91oz (a little over 11 cups) for women and 125oz (over 15 cups) for men of total...

    Dan Jaris, Health Coach, WebMD
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    What are some of the benefits of protein shakes?

    Protein is the building block for muscle growth. You need to be getting enough in your diet to build muscle and if you do not, supplementing with a shake is a great idea...

    David Berkoff, MD
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